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Saturday, November 01, 2008

okay! :D
NAT here.
righto, i know no one comes here anymore, but just to yknow, wake the dead (-.-) in a manner of speaking, here's like updates on the class jacket, yah?

DESMOND WONG (the very hated jacket guy) has promised us, in his own words, a jacket by WEDNESDAY, 4th NOV 08.

and let's try to have a class outing in this holiday of 2 months okay? (:
at least after joseph and i finish our "structured remedial".
boo. xP

right, that's all folks!

i just realised!
now zzr is back!
so do we make a jacket for him?
should go sms jerm...
i'm on it.

laffey is the sex x33
9:19 PM