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Friday, May 26, 2006

ok fine! finally remembered to change the thingy. sry 4 any feelings angered etc etc. wasn't intentional! sry. did tht pic before i knew tht was the motto of 2h. sry! AND. u cant possibly have a WHOLE class in charge of the blog RIGHT. so obviously there's only one person in charge of it. the rest of the class has the pswrd and etc but they do not have the pics used. so for god's sake shut it already.

note: accept this apology if you wish, if u dun believe etc, i cant really help tht can i?

laffey is the sex x33
6:44 PM

Thursday, May 18, 2006

yoyoyo ppl..okies..term 2 left a week nia..which means june hols ish comin!!yay!!but tt means report books too..i guess report books are not tt fun..wahaha..anyway i came here to post for da upcoming class outin during da june hols..da details are as follow:
Date: Monday, last week of June hols
Time: Wadeva time you reached but no later than 11 am unless you have valid reason..it is until wadeva time you wanna go home..
Venue: Aranda...Please meet at Downtown East de Macdonald
Things we are going to do:
1. Aranda

2. Makan places

there bout all..i really hope everyone can go XD..actually i wanna go Escape de..but a lot of ppl dun wanna go..aww..nvm..in any case..just enjoy the class outin kies?signing off now..

Posted by: $hU xU@N=))

PS: those in red are very important stuff..please take note of them..

laffey is the sex x33
4:10 PM

Sunday, May 14, 2006

ok..congrats everyone for winning the top overall during level camp. congrats also to 1k =) whom we combined with.everyone can improve on their attention span...but thanks for the general enthuness... WE ROCK!!!

laffey is the sex x33
6:36 PM