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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ok ppl...this is important. the class outing on fri is still on. repeat: IT IS STILL ON. the bbq pit is booked full as doubtless u noe, but we're still meeting at the same time and place. instead of a bbq however, we are gonna have a picnic. those ppl who were originally supposed to bring fire stuff obviously dont need to anymore. but those bringing utensils and drinks continue bringing pls. also could i request that everyone bring some food (enough for the class to share) as it is unfair for one person to bring everything. bring picnic finger food like chips and whatever.

its at 9 at mcdonalds at east coast park on fri. everyone who can pls come at 9. if u cant, come as early as u can.try to come at latest lunch time(12-2).me natalia and hwee chian have dance frm 9-12 but im not sure about u all. anyway those there at 9 shld go and get a picnic table and play or whatever first. when the rest of us join u afterwards, we can start eating. then after that we can think of more stuff to do.

pls inform as many ppl as u can abt this as they might not have read this.

could you'll pls bring some "sports equipment" like an inflatable beach ball, frisbee,etc.?

laffey is the sex x33
9:48 PM

Friday, March 03, 2006

omg cooL! we got d drink store uncle 2 sponser 200 cups of drinks at d carnival if we hav a stall! yeah we rock. =) we noe tt. ^^ it was all ms khoo's idea. and it worked! wow! i was so convinced it would fail. who posted d last msg btw. jus wondering. i thought onli i took d time 2 post stuff.

laffey is the sex x33
4:51 PM