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Friday, October 26, 2007

Hi guys...
Eddie here.
I know.
2L's gone.
Wonder if anybody will still come here?
I know...
Somehow Eddie feels like crying after reading you guy's blogs,
even though I'm really supposed to be heartless.


laffey is the sex x33
4:18 PM

Friday, October 12, 2007

Harlows all, this is shuxuan here!=)

anyways, now is marking days, so enjoy! and interclass, we lost but nvm, i hope all of you (esp those who have played) enjoyed the games tho!=D

by the way, who is going to ecp next monday? and when are u guys meeting?

im sure u guys have recieved gng's sms lar.

just to remind you guys, you can meet at 9.30 at PP's mac or 10.30 at ECP's mac =D

we can cycle, roller-blade, eat, go arcade, lan, go KBOX! and many many more! fun sia!

and siahg, pls bring ur SJAB stuff in case something happen tho deen not going cause she's in thailiand!=P

not much to blog about.

and the year is ending soon T.T

nvmnvm, shall enjoy the rest of the time we are going to have together k? =)

and yeah, no matter wad we're stil 2L forever!

and the one and only MARIA MAID AGENCY!

the super duper special us!=)

so please go nxt monday k? =D

laffey is the sex x33
4:26 PM