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Sunday, June 10, 2007

hey crazy people out there
as noticed,
the tagboard's now changed to cbox
mainly because shoutbox thingy hangs
and like seriously laggs.
user is dhslaffey
and pswrd is the same as the one for the blog(:
just so you know

ciao (x

laffey is the sex x33
9:23 PM

Monday, June 04, 2007

YOYOYO MARIAS! tmr will be our class chalet already!=) YAY!! okie, must show must enthu what.hahs! (i know im lame!)
just a few reminders:
1. meet at pasir ris mrt at 2pm. pls be PUNCTUAL!=D
2. bring at least $20 to pay up.
3. please bring unmbrella/poncho/raincoat for the amazing race in case it rains!
4. EZ-link card at least $5 for amazing race!
5. bring some boardgames/movies.
okies, so me and jiateck will brief you all on teh amazing race tmr k!=) thr will be 3 grps and 3 stations! hahs. and btw, we have already split you into groups!MUAHAHAHAXX! and yup, mrs chu, her 2 kisd and miss yap will be joining us for the game too. and i hope that you all will enjoy this games as it took the games ppl effort to make it sucessful!
and cheers to a fun, wonderful and sucessful chalet!=)


laffey is the sex x33
2:41 PM

Sunday, June 03, 2007

ok hi everyone =)
good to see tht the blog is revived after its untimely demise xD
so, this post is for the sake of updating everyone on what foodstuff will be available at the bbq
so if you guys want anything else, please prepare and bring it yourselves!
oh and the same goes too if you think that it is not enough.
so here goes the list (x

Mutton- 100
Spicy Chicken- 50
Ketupats- 10
chicken chipolatas- 40
sambal- 10
serves 10
(according to website lols)
fruity chocolate fondue! =D
yes btw, you may have noticed where are the marshmellows?!
well. as it is cheaper to buy it retail from the supermarket,
please pple, bring them yourselves!
ahh yes. so one more thing on the list of what to bring: MARSHMELLOWS
also. in case you guys were wondering, the total cost for all of these is...
therefore, please please bring the marshmellows! xD
hahas lol...

laffey is the sex x33
3:46 PM