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Monday, June 12, 2006

hello peeps..hahas..we r changing our plans for class outin again..okayys..sry for any confusion n inconvience cause..so da details r as followed
Meeting place: Tampines Mall(TM) de Mac
Meeting Place: 10 am
Wad we doing: 1. catch the garfield 2 movie ( b4 da movie we can walk aroun )
2. after the movie we will head to downtown east
even if joseph can go class outin..we will still folo the plan up there^^
if you have any suggestion or some problems or wadeva pls call/sms/email/via msn us..
a thousand apologies for changin the plan^^^but hope tt all of u will go and have fun..
pls tell shuxuan if you are going to the class outin 3 days b4 the class outin..thanks!!
thanks for ur co-operation!! : )
ur organisers
jiateck and shuxuan : D

laffey is the sex x33
1:30 PM

Friday, June 09, 2006

yo peeps..well..regarding da class outin rite..maybe joseph cannot go as his grandma is hospitalised..so if he dun go to class outin..we cant get into da club and we wun be able to get discount in downtown east..so if he really nv go..we will go Escape..the date n time is still da same..its on da monday of da last week of da hols..i will most appreciate if everyone gets there by 9.30 am( i will reach by 9.30am..or most probaly earlier..)well..if anyone cant go or have any suggestion pls tell me by sms-ing/call myy hp/send e-mail/tell me via msn..thx.. and if u r to be late or smth happen during da class outin pls call me or sms me..maybe u can call or sms jiateck too..thanks.. : )
btw peeps..joseph sae he will sms me if he going da day b4 class outin..so cross ur fingers n pray for gd news.. : )
PS: hope joseph de grandma have a speedy recovery.. : )
shuxuan : )

laffey is the sex x33
2:10 PM