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Monday, May 28, 2007

i'm not sure if it is called this though.anyways credits to gngjiateck for thinking of it.but i dunno if he's calling it amazing.hahs.
yup, so there's 7 of us games people here.and we're
and darrenlim

so there were be 12 of u people left, and we can include mrs chu adn her kids if they want to play..
you people will be seperated into groups of 3s ( i think by us )..and there will be a game facil with each of the grp..they were be giving you slips of paper where u have to solve the riddle in it and find places that u have to go.upon reaching there, you will see a station master where he/she will ask u what to do and u have to complete it. you will get points base on accurary and speed when u complete the challenge. and once u complete all the stations, u can choose to do the bonus stations or get back to the chalet. points will be given on ur position in completing the stations too..
the winning grp with the most number of points will be given a prize by the games ppl..i think gng sae treating da winning ppl to KFC or smth tho im not yet sure!=)
whatever it is, i hope everyone will have fun tho this is quite lame!-.-

laffey is the sex x33
11:08 AM

harlows all. so yes, this blog quite dead.but i decided to blog something on it. okays, os let it be the class chalet coming and the details kies.

Date: 5&6 June 2007
Venue: Aloha Loyang Chalet Seaview Bungalow
Meeting Place: Control Tower of Pasir Ris MRT
Meeting Time: 2pm
Things to Bring: Minimum of at least $15 to pay for the food and chalet (for obvious reasons, pls bring more!-.-), a 1.5 litre bottle dirnk e.g coke etc etc (mrs chu say de to ensure there's sufficient amount of water for everyone) , sufficient amount of clothes (u get what i mean), and various things u want to bring..

yupp, so we're meetin at 2pm. and i hope everyone will be puntual..

Day 1 - 5 June =D
2pm - Meet at pasir ris mrt control station
2.15pm - should be leaving for chalet le!YAY!=D
Reach chalet and while waiting to check in - games ppl will tell you bout the fun and exciting AMAZING RACE you're about to play
3pm - check in time
3.3opm - everyone steele in and ready to play the amazing race
6pm - everyone should be back already and getting ready for the BBQ!=)
until the nxt morning - we shld be BBQ-ing, eating, talking, playin various games for the whole night!=)

Day 2 - 6 June
wake up! i dont think anyone will sleep anyways. clean up the chalet.and we checked out.maybe we will go TM and catch Shrek 3!=p

yupp, so thats bout all.and i will post more bout the amazing race in my nxt post!=)

laffey is the sex x33
10:54 AM