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Monday, March 03, 2008

hello marias, SHUXUAN HADES :D here!

sorry to say but..
the class outing will be impossible

due to the very busy shedule of many of us.

we will have loads of homework and projects! D:
and definately, cca D:

so sorry guys!

june hols, k? :D

and yes, class jacket!
twentynine bucks please :D
to jermaine ^^


laffey is the sex x33
4:25 PM

Sunday, March 02, 2008

HELLO. again ppl.

if you havn already noticed jerm's msn name,
the finalized price of the class jacket is $29
everyone, please tell her the sizes.

sizes available are:
S, M, L, XL

thanks darlings (:

laffey is the sex x33
10:25 PM

Saturday, March 01, 2008

hellos, nat here again.
like i promised, the new skin is up hahas.
and and and!
this time it works in BOTH FF & IE :D
yes, you guys can all start loving ME now.
hahahas :DDDD
ok fine, maybe not me.
hahas cause i didn't do the coding, cause, i suck at coding for FF.
okay fine i havn't actually tried per se...
but still, yes, love ME.

so anyways!
heard a rumour somewhere that the jacket will cost $30?
someone, please tell me if it's true or not. (:
so so far, here's the finalized list of names on the jacket!
once jerm tells me when the details of the jacket have been finalized,
i'll post it up here (:
unless someone has beaten me to it lah, but yeah.

1: chelsia
2: Jojona
3: hwee chian((:
4: OMG!natalia!xD
5: lord
6: deen
8: animefreak(x
9: Jia Teck
10: wadeva
11: Tentin
12: Tensai
13: D^1
14: teddy[x
15: deer
16: JoSePh^^
17: Jacky
18: (hg)
19: (zzr)

im not sure about siahg's, maybe jerm alrd has it.
ohh and sadly, we arent making one for zzr ):

ohh, and p.s, the bunnies are just there cause i love bunnies.
call it my obsession :D

laffey is the sex x33
6:01 PM